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We Need You!


The goal of the Howlong Community Progress Association Inc (HCPA) is to work for the benefit of the Howlong community and to achieve positive community outcomes.

The Objects of the HCPA are:

  • To promote positive community spirit, and support activities and groups of benefit to Howlong and its people.

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and views which enables the Howlong community members to make informed decisions about issues affecting the locality.

  • To represent the wishes of Howlong residents, and to be a voice of the community at all levels of government and government authorities.

  • To assist private enterprise and other organisations in matters that affect the local community.

  • To provide a forum for the presentation of expert advice to community members.


How can your voice be heard?

To make our progress association viable for the Howlong community, we need individual and business financial members. Members will have voting rights at any Public Meeting or AGM; can nominate for a committee position; or lead a sub-committee for a special project that’s aligned with your values or specific interest.  We are always looking for volunteers to lend a hand with events or projects,  so please don't be shy in coming forward!


How do you join?


​Complete the online Membership form below (or download the Membership PDF version for printing) and pay the membership fee:

  • INDIVIDUAL: $20.00 LIFETIME membership  (min 18 yrs old) 

  • BUSINESS:    $50.00 membership per year. * Renewals due 1 October.
    This includes advertising your logo and a link to your Website or Facebook on our HCPA website.   


Please pay to: Hume Bank 

Howlong Community Progress Association Inc.

BSB: 640 000    

Acc No: 111 296 102 

Reference: Enter your name

Application for Membership

Select a Membership option

Thanks for submitting!


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